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Banksoft PSD2 API - top scores by EBA, FMA, HNBBanksoft PSD2 API - top scores by EBA, FMA, HNB

Banksoft received top scores from European Banking Authority and Austrian banking agency (FMA) for Banksoft PSD2 API in BKS Bank Austria.

EU PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) project is among most important projects in banking industry in past 50 years and it brings „Open Banking“ to further modernize and digitalize financial services for 500 mil. EU consumers.

Banksoft additionally has 5 more PSD2 API bank references in Croatia with the top quality scores ("Exemption from fall-back") granted by the Croatian National Bank, but such recognition by Austrian FMA and EU-EBA level is for sure additional proof of our quality digital banking solutions and services.

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