Od izazova do rješenja

From challenges to solutions

Od izazova do rješenja

From challenges to solutions

Od izazova do rješenja

From challenges to solutions

BANKSOFT International

Vlaška 79 /5
10 000 Zagreb


tel.: +385 1 4664 666

Modern banking environment

The power of the information technology has a strong continuous growth. Data processing speeds are expressed in nanoseconds and data transfers in billions of characters per second.  This technology is ideal for institutions like banks whose business is about money and calculations with high volumes of processing in almost every segment.

Why then, most of banks are not satisfied with the information technology they use? Why they are not able to use the power of the information technology to increase speed, accuracy and quality of management and operational processes as they would like?
Answers to these questions lie in application solutions that often have built-in misunderstandings between IT people and banking users defining their needs. Therefore, there is on one hand a technology of high speed and capacity, while on the other hand there are still problems with timely and quality planning of funds, preparation of balance sheets, monitoring of revenues and expenses, following regulatory changes and launching new products and services.  In order to be positioned as a universal bank that guarantees to its clients a top-class service it is necessary to use high-quality and reliable application solution that integrates the client's needs and information technology capabilities.

Your success and satisfaction is our goal

Our solution, CoreBank, has been developed with extensive experience and latest technology based on the model and organization of a modern, dynamic and flexible bank. This is an integral and modular core banking system that represents a strategic tool for bankers. Implementation of our solution enables banks to offer high-quality and fast services to their clients, raising the level of client satisfaction and loyalty, but also to create and review reports much easier, leading to efficiency increase. As a result, the organization will improve with growing performance and competitiveness.

CoreBank is designed to connect business processes in the bank with Business Process Management (BPM) and various financial transaction processing and to enable easy usage of Internet banking, mobile banking, card management and direct links to other financial or clearing systems, for domestic or international payments as well as for connecting to other specialized modules from other vendors. Flexibility of the system enables easy implementation of legal or regulatory changes as well as integration with existing parts of bank's IT environment. Banks but also Fintech companies (AISP, PISP) can benefit with PSD2 support in our CoreBank solution which is available in Cloud/SaaS commercial option with Banksoft as a Fintech Technology Provider. CoreBank meets top-class security requirements and ensures high level of transaction processing reliability, user authorization and data protection.


In two decades of work, to ensure top-class support, flexibility and development of our products together with our clients in dynamic and demanding business environment, we used most advanced reliable IT concepts and technologies considering work stations, servers, databases and programming.

Relational database and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) design and concept enabled to us from the beginning very high level of parameterization for CoreBank system as well as it's flexibility reflected in short time to market for new products and optimal maintenance and system management.

Programming languages Java, SQL and C which we use, proved to be an excellent long-term choice for open modern development and maintenance independent of processing platform.

Strength is People

Besides technology, the key component of our company and success in banking software development and services for sure are – people.

Since foundation till today, Banksoft paid special attention to people and team work. Experience showed very good results in hiring and retaining some of best talents and specialists not only of IT profiles but also banking profiles. With continuous demand for high professionalism, ethics and quality work for its staff, Banksoft provides opportunity for personal and team development in modern and flexible working environment.      Request company brochure.

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