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Digital core banking provision (SaaS) in the Cloud concept

Digital CoreBank
Core banking solution in SaaS-Cloud concept tailored for fully digital banks without "brick&mortar" branches. We provide fully outsourced multi-tenant, multi-language, cloud solution running on top quality fault-tollerant IT platforms in data centers provided with reliable and trusted partners. This way our clients have benefits of latest technologies and concepts merged with our extensive banking products offering, proven track record and experience with banks and other financial institutions. 

Pricing model for the solution can be institution-based or user-based or transaction-based or a combination of mentioned models tailored for specific needs and business goals.



Consulting Services

Banksoft has many years of experience providing consulting services for financial institutions in following areas and more:

  • Analysis and optimization of business and IT processes
  • Complex project management
  • Consulting for international banking groups for Croatian market entry
  • Preparation and submission of user requests for specific functionalities
  • Preparation and development of new banking products and services
  • Consulting with databases and data modelling
  • Implementation and knowledge transfer for development tool usage in banking
  • Reporting to National Bank and other regulatory reporting
  • New Retail Channels (Internet banking, Mobile banking, Card management...)
  • Development of specific Java banking applications (e.g. Colaterals support)
  • High-availability systems planning and implementation


Banksoft has extensive experience providing education and training to financial institutions in following areas and more:

  • CoreBank system
  • Analysis and preparation of legal and regulatory changes for banks
  • High-availability systems
  • IBM education portfolio for business and systems

Education and training can be performed for specific institution or multiple institutions like a workgroup.


Integration and interfaces

Banksoft has many years of experience developing and implementing various interfaces for financial institutions in following areas and more:

  • FINAModel3 (Financial Agency),
  • ZoPONS – automatic data exchange,
  • MBU, Euronet, Cortex, CardManagement
  • Internetbanking, Mobilebanking
  • Tonbeller(Anti-money laundering module)
  • Logos(tokens and PKI solutions)
  • Interfaces to mobile operators for SMS messaging and Mobile Banking
  • Interfaces for client and transaction data migration to CoreBank and from CoreBank
  • Stockholders Register,
  • HROK (Credit Risk Agency) interface,
  • Retail banking devices (printers, card readers)
  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Interfaces for corporate group reporting (for international banks)
  • Interfaces for CRM systems


Banksoft has many years of experience providing outsourcing services for financial institutions in following areas:

  • Complete CoreBank system outsourcing
  • Outsourcing of InternetBank module and Internet server
  • Monitoring and operational support for IBM i5 system
  • Outsourcing or rental of other modules of CoreBank or Banksoft offering



Support & Maintenance

Critical and strongest business activities for sure are maintenance services (system and application) for CoreBank system and specific modules as well as user support through help-desk, education of new bank employees or delivering specific data analysis for internal or external audit or regulatory requirements. High level of ethics and professionalism are vital as well as applying rules about testing and change control on production system.


New products development

Due to competitive needs, legal and regulatory requirements as well as technology and banking practise changes one of strong business segments remains development of new products and services. With advanced technology and high parametrization of CoreBank system, a large portion of new products and services development involves re-use of existing elements and services with some development of new blocks. With this approach banks achieve short time to market for new products and services.

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