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Signed a memorandum of business cooperation with company Abba

Signed a memorandum of business cooperation with company Abba, based in Osijek. Press release for media: "After mutual interest for business cooperation was recognised, with the goal for increasing...

Cooperation agreement with Sberbank Croatia in the segment of loan processing.

Agreement on the solution implementation for the segment of loan processing business with Sberbank as one of leading regional and international banks. 

Signed contract with Croatia banka as one of the oldest private banks in Croatia

Banksoft signed contract for domestic payments products and services with Croatia banka, one of first private banks in Croatia.

Banksoft successfully enters Azerbaijan banking market with first solution contract

Banksoft leaders announced that after successful presentations on last BakuTel IT and banking exhibition in December, they signed contract for modern mobile banking solution with Millikart Group...

Successful participation as exhibitor on BakuTel Technology Fair in Azerbaijan

Based on the invitation from Croatian Chamber of Commerce to present core banking solutions and technology, Banksoft successfully participated on regional BakuTel Technology Fair in Baku Azerbaijan...

Signed contract with BKS Bank for selected core banking products and services.

Expanding cooperation with BKS Bank Group for selected core banking products and services.

Banksoft accepts Croatian Chamber of Commerce invitation to contribute on BakuTel 2013 Exhibition

Banksoft accepted invitation of Croatian Chamber of Commerce for contributing in national offering for advanced technology banking solutions on regional International Telecommunications and...

Signed cooperation agreement with BKS Bank Croatia

Signed cooperation agreement with BKS Bank Croatia as a member of regional BKS Bank and 3Banken Gruppe, for advanced mobile banking services.

Signed contract with Bosna Bank International

With one of leading, fastest growing and most advanced banks in Bosnia & Herzegovina signed long-term contract for cooperation in advanced and innovative solutions in mobile banking.

BPMBank Module expanded with Document Management

For best coverage and flexibility of growing client needs for integrated process and document management, BPMBank module was expanded with ability to integrate with open-source or commercial document...
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