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Signed a memorandum of business cooperation with company Abba

Signed a memorandum of business cooperation with company Abba, based in Osijek. Press release for media:

"After mutual interest for business cooperation was recognised, with the goal for increasing competitiveness, cost optimisation, expanding and enhancing of products portfolio, as well as further development of relations  with our IT services users, companies BANKSOFT Ltd.,  Zagreb and ABBA Ltd.,  Osijek signed on August 28, 2014 Memorandum of business cooperation.

On behalf of BANKSOFT Ltd., Memorandum is signed by Zoran Brkić, CEO and on behalf of ABBA Ltd. memorandum is signed by Ivica Hasanec, CEO.
Cooperation of two companies is perceived as important step in direction of enhancing quality of products and services, as well as strengthening competitive position on domestic and international markets.

Both Companies IT Solutions are currently used by 11 banks and 2 leasing institutions. International clients are based in Azerbaijan and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Together, BANKSOFT and ABBA employ more than 50 IT and Banking experts, and together will plan further activities needed for common interest, including a potential merger of two companies."

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