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Banksoft accepts invite by Azerbaijan Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies

Banksoft accepted invitation by Azerbaijan Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies and Croatian Chamber of Commerce to be an exhibitor on Bakutel 2017 high technology exhibition...

SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) project successfully went live with 8 banks

After successfully implementing SEPA SCT last year with 8 banks, Banksoft SEPA project continued with Direct Debit capabilities. Banksoft implementation again took place simultaneously with 8 banks...

Implementation of fully digital core banking solution without branches

For several years Banksoft has experience in SaaS (Software As A Service) concept of core banking modules and now implementacion of the complete digital core banking cloud solution for eBanka as a...

Loan origination and payments functionality on mobile wallet implemented for Pasha Bank

Banksoft successfully implemented advanced functionalities for checking loan products and originating loan applications as well as performing direct loan payments on advanced mobile wallet solution...

Banksoft exhibitor on Iran Finex - International Exchange, Banking & Insurance Exhibition

Following market presence and local partnership with experienced complementary company Iran Rayaneh, in July Banksoft successfully participated as an exhibitor on Iran Finex international banking...

SEPA (Single Europen Payment Area) projects successfully implemented in 8 banks

SEPA (Single Europen Payment Area) projects are among the most demaning IT and financial projects with payment transactions automatically routed and processed through different payment channels,...

Banksoft expands international business to Iran and Oman

As a member of business delegation during the visit of the President of Republic of Croatia to Iran, Banksoft agreed for complete core banking products partnership with reputable company Iran Rayaneh...

Banksoft accepts invitation to join Presidential business delegation to Iran

Following activities on Iranian market past year and a half Banksoft accepted invitation to join Presidential business delegation to Iran.

New mobile banking - mWallet client in Azerbaijan

Following success with advanced and leading CIB mobile banking and mWallet multi-bank solution with Millikart, Banksoft is launching new mobile banking implementation for the largest private bank in...

Completed main test cycles in SEPA project for 2015.

Following solution implementation Banksoft completed main test cycles with FINA on SEPA project for 2015.
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