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IBM Business Partner

Long-term partnership with IBM as one of leading world IT giants with wide business and service network stresses orientation and dedication to stability, quality and long-term approach in our business. With synergy effects in partnership we are well positioned to fulfill growing needs of current and future customers.

With similar approach we hand-picked other reputable business partners for specialized needs like communication security, data replication and protection to encircle our core banking offering for our clients.  

Server that you can entrust your core processing!

During years of developments and technology advances servers were improving from green-screen terminals, client/server concept to the latest Internet and mobile technology. Whole this time IBM pSeries/i5 server kept strong position and basic advantage that separates it from competitors – high integration of multiple processing layers that gives easy management with highest security and reliability. Together with built-in unique and extensive security solutions, i5 Series was always at the top in class with overall processing capacity and performance powered with most advanced processor technology.

  • High level of control and security                                                      Virus resistance object architecture
  • Optimized for exceptional business resilience                             Encryption of data on disk and backups
  • Multiple file systems (Windows, UNIX, NFS)                                 Support for MySQL database
  • Intrusion detection, prevention, and audit journal                         UNIX runtime
  • Services-Oriented Architecture                                                         Technology independent machine interface
  • Capacity on demand (processor&memory)                                   Logical partitioning

Thanks to advanced technology concept, the CoreBank system can be offered also in the Cloud processing as a service to the bank.


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