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Signed contract with Bosna Bank International

With one of leading, fastest growing and most advanced banks in Bosnia & Herzegovina signed long-term contract for cooperation in advanced and innovative solutions in mobile banking.

BPMBank Module expanded with Document Management

For best coverage and flexibility of growing client needs for integrated process and document management, BPMBank module was expanded with ability to integrate with open-source or commercial document...

Introduced BPMBank module

BPMBank module is based on Activiti, IBM or other standard BPM tools and covering process-oriented banking modules including interfaces to various data sources and transactions.

Banksoft signs partnership agreement with Oracle

Director, Zoran Brkic: "This is a partnership agreement for cooperation in server technology, development tools and Oracle database for Banksoft's CoreBank solution."

Banksoft wins World Finance 2012 Technology Award: Best Mobile Banking Technology – Eastern Europe!

With it's MobileBank solution for mobile banking which can be used on more than 80% of latest technology smartphones,   Banksoft wins World Finance 2012 Technology Award: Best Mobile Banking...

Implemented multi-bank changes for domestic payment system according to urgent MF directive

Implemented multi-bank changes for domestic payment system according to urgent Croatian Finance Ministry directive on salary-related payments for companies.

World Finance nominated Banksoft for Mobile Banking Technology Company of the year 2012 - EE Award

World Finance magazine ( in regional competition nominated Banksoft with MobileBank solution for "Mobile Banking Technology Company of the year 2012 - Eastern Europe"...

Lider Business Magazine: Banksoft among most reliable companies in Croatia

In it's February 2012 issue, Lider Business Magazine ranked Banksoft company at 79th position among 100 most reliable and healthiest companies in Croatia. The evaluation was performed according to...

Implemented extension of group supervisory and consolidation reports

Developed and implemented extension of supervisory and consolidation reports for international banking groups.

Implemented MBU On-line card authorization

Successfully implemented support for on-line authorizations of card transactions with regional MBU card issuing and acquiring network.
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