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Business Process ManagementBusiness Process Management

BPMBank module for banking Business Process Management (BPM) is based on open source Activiti BPM tool and interface to core banking systems or other systems for retrieving or processing account data, transactions, credit worthiness, outstanding debts etc.  This module can be adjusted to use also other standard BPM tools that bank may prefer.
Business processes are being set up with defining initiating task and for every task it’s preceding and following task for each business segment that needs to be automated and/or documented and managed. User can independently define and change conditions for previous task completion or next task or tasks initiation within specific business process flow with possibility to set up deadlines and notifications for task completion. From the data collected during task management by various process participants, various reports can be created to show average task processing times, bottlenecks or critical tasks for specific business process, etc.

Well-defined and set up business process flow allows more or less flexibility during process performance, depending on bank’s preference, and provides easier and more transparent bank management and quality management towards banking clients as well as making business more transparent with internal, external and regulatory audits made quicker and easier.
Examples of our business modules based on BPM:

  • Loan request processing and management – for private and corporate clients
  • Collections – for private and corporate clients
  • Risk management – risk recording, risk evaluation, risk management

Any other business segment that bank wishes to cover with BPM methodology can be managed. More info on:

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