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BANKSOFT International

Vlaška 79 /5
10 000 Zagreb


tel.: +385 1 4664 666

Banksoft in 2005.

Thanks to the high quality and professionality when providing it's services, Banksoft enters into 11th business year with s "strong wind in the back" because of, among the other, new clients and new business arrangements.

Working continuously on upgrading the level of it's products and services intended for modern banking business, we are now in position to be pleased to announce that we became partners with another big foreign bank present in croatian market, and that is HVB - Splitska banka.

We hope that arranged business deals with HVB - Splitska banka will only be representing the introduction into strong business cooperation with this established bank and a step towards realization one of our imposed goals - restoration of the business cooperation with big european banks operating in the region.

In a short period of time we are expecting a new BSA - Banking System Application user and significant expansion into the market of our neighbourly states.

All of these activities we are expecting very well prepared, because the managing board started early with strenghtening the human resources of Banksoft. We have in time fortified our team with proven experts who gained knowledge working in banking business, as well as young forces who will, with their fresh ideas, energy and desire for acquisition of the new knowledges, surely contribute to the strength of Banksoft.

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